Chernobyl Strain Review (IMG 3)

Chernobyl Strain Review (IMG 3)


4.5/5 Nugs

This is yet another great sativa-dominant hybrid that also provides some quality pain relief. The high was a mixture of soaring cerebral effects and a numbing of the body that was rather pleasant. This strain includes all the best qualities of Trainwreck, and the added qualities of Trinity and Jack the Ripper are just icing on the cake—or more resin on the buds... Literally.

Chernobyl is best grown indoors, but does very well outdoors as well. It’s probably not a good choice for beginner or even novice growers. This plant can get big fast, and if left untrained, it can easily get out of control. For maximum yield, it is recommended to top the plant early, and it often needs to be topped several times. You want to keep the plants low, bushy, and compact.

Chernobyl has been found effective in treating muscle aches, anxiety, stress, mood disorders, stomach issues, pain relief, ocular pressure, and even some seizure disorders. Chernobyl is not a strain that you see in mass abundance (at least not here in the Bay Area). The Chernobyl strain has been on my 'to do' list for some time now, and I was more than happy to finally introduce myself to these lovely looking buds. If you are a fan of Trainwreck as I am, than this is a can't-miss choice, and maybe even a new favorite.

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