Smoke A Joint Two Days Ago, Go Directly To Jail (IMG 0)

Smoke A Joint Two Days Ago, Go Directly To Jail (IMG 0)

Traces of cannabis in your system could soon land you in hot water in the state of California. A proposal in the California State Legislature is making the rounds that could mean DUIs for drivers who are not currently under the influence, but who smoked up to a month ago.

The bill would also target motorists who have even a slight trace of such prescription drugs as Ambien, Vicoden, or even diet drugs like Phentermine in their systems when they're stopped by law enforcement who think they're impaired.

"This bill would make it unlawful for a person to drive a motor vehicle if his or her blood contains any detectable amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol of marijuana or any other classified in schedules I, II, III, or IV of the California Uniform Controlled Substance Act."

Similar bills have been attempted in the past and flopped, and although we here at TheNug believe in responsible driving, this bill is just simply ridiculous and belongs in the circular file... 

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