The Coolest Way for Marijuana Lovers to Take Photos and Share on Social Media

NugBooth Enables Cannabis Culture Enthusiasts to Easily Take Self-Photos, Add Effects and Share Instantly on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Communities 

OAKLAND, September 26, 2013: NugMedia today announced the introduction of NugBooth, a website where marijuana lovers can take pictures of their "best stuff" and then upload and share them with other Nug enthusiasts via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as on Cannabis-related entertainment websites such as

Directly from, weed warriors can snap photos of themselves smoking a blunt, showing off their home-grown marijuana, or striking a provocative pose -- and then upload it directly from NugBooth to Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles to share it with their friends. Cannabis lovers can take a regular photo, or customize their picture with different styles and effects.

"NugBooth is a cool and quick way for people to take Marijuana-themed photos and share them with others who embrace the Cannabis culture," says Tiaan Schreuder, creative director at "With NugBooth, we've empowered the ever-growing Marijuana community to showcase their affinity for weed culture with the ability for them to upload and share their own stimulating content with others via social media."

NugBooth is a property owned by NugMedia. The management team at NugMedia consists of a group of successful Cannabis business veterans, entrepreneurs, artists and developers with decades of combined experience in the Cannabis industry. In addition to NugBooth, the company recently launched, a leading entertainment destination for Cannabis culture enthusiasts that features images, videos and content about weed, women and other important stuff. NugMedia will introduce NugBoard, a social media community for Marijuana buffs, later in 2013. For more information, visit , like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram @TheNugster!

About NugBooth

NugBooth enables you to take pictures of yourself (and friends) smoking a phat blunt, posing in a sexy outfit, showing off your home-grown sticky-icky, etc… and then share it via social media with your fellow weed warriors. Take a regular photo, or use the different effects and styles on NugBooth to spice up your picture. Once you've taken your photo, upload it directly from NugBooth to Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles so you can share it with fellow Cannabis culture enthusiasts. Now get to it -- take some cool pics on NugBooth and show them off!

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